Assess, Analyze and Align

Figuring out how to measure and predict performance is often time-consuming and difficult. That’s why you need DEV:Q™ – the perfect tool for scientifically mapping people to work expectations.

DEV:Q™ Platform Features

Uncover reliable and accurate intelligence at any level of work, from individuals to organizations to entire industries, regions and beyond.


Talent Mapping with LABORGENOME always starts with assessment. Candidates or employees get a DEV:Q Score by completing the brief, 24 question survey online. Based on integrated models of social and behavioral science, this assessment captures patterns of job performance and leadership potential. There are no right or wrong answers, it typically takes 15-20 minutes to complete and it is accessible from any device.


Our people data is based on the DEV:Q™ Score - a patent-pending work performance indicator. This objective and quantifable score is based on over 50 years of social and behavioral science. The score illustrates two key components of job performance - work orientation, or the way you like to approach work, and role inclination - your preference for autonomous or interdependent job roles.


Upon completing an assessment, a candidate or employee receives the free summary report. This summary report provides a brand new perspective on what makes one successful and what types of job roles a work style is most successful in. Purchase additional guides to get tips on interviewing, resume building and identifying the perfect jobs.


As an employer, you can use the DEV:Q™ platform to create talent pools to manage assessment responses and collect data. Customize the theme of the assessment with branding from your organization, add additional questions to collect more specific data points, and create benchmark roles to use a standard of comparison. Assess your entire organization to build an powerful and convenient database of talent.


Each assessment generates over 180 data points on the candidate or employee. With the DEV:Q platform you can easily explore this data, aggregating, filtering and slicing this data into segments that can help you to discover insightful trends about what makes the people of your organization most productive. Save queries and assign alerts to easily manage your talent pipeline and always have the msot relevant work performance information at your fingertips.


Match talent pool members to peers, leadership, teams, roles and organizations. See how your talent pool performance compares to demographic and industry averages. Use comparison-based talent management strategies to see how aligned your workforce is with your organizational goals, and to unlock opportunities for optimized productivity and sustainable growth.


Transform your employee work styles into actionable value. With DEV:Q platform tools and data, you now have an objective and quantifable means of measuring and predicting performance. Compare this data to other KPIs in your organization to discover the hidden insights and opportunities to take your organization to the next level.